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A glacier landing is the ultimate way to experience the Kenai Fjords National Park and the Harding Icefield. Add it on to any of our SCENIC FLIGHTS!


Fun for the whole family, young and old! We'll help you with all sorts of fun including proposals, gender reveals, special birthday wishes, announcements and so much more! Let's make these monumentous moments unforgettable.

Here's what it looks like...

Takeoff from the Seward airport to climb over amazing scenery, mountain peaks and glaciers. 4000 feet above sea level, you'll be transported to another world. Surrounded by an endless sea of ice and snow punctuated by the jagged peaks of the Nunataks, we will take you to the Harding Icefield, or another local glacier, weather permitting. Disembark the airplane onto the frozen surface for pictures, selfies, snowballs, snow angels, and endless fun as you experience through all of your senses what 700 square miles of ice can feel like. Fly back to Seward for an incredible sight-seeing experience through Resurrection Valley, back to the Seward Airport.

Add a Glacier Landing to your Scenic Flight

The most affordable ticket on to the Harding Icefield, we highly recommend adding a Glacier Landing to your scenic flight. You'll land on the second largest Icefield in the world, taking your scenic flight to the next level! Celebrating something special? Let us help you - we've catered to proposals, gender reveals, special birthdays and more. Just ask us!

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Glacier Landing

We also offer trips direct to the Harding Icefield via Resurrection Valley. This option is reserved for special occasions such as proposals, elopements, special announcements and more! A quick flight and you're standing on a glacier!

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